VAM: Getting Creative


Do you ever feel insecure, creatively blocked, sexually frustrated or just disconnected in general? Our focus this week is on the Bija Mantra of Vam, which is associated with the Sacral Chakra. As we discussed last week, we know there are neurological benefits that are created by chanting via the CEO of our parasympathetic nervous system the Vagus Nerve. It communicates with our Hypothalamus and gives us the gift of endorphins aka natural opiates.

As humans, we are creative when we feel blocked we become agitated. The 2nd Chakra is creation. We have a purpose beyond procreation, and we are most happy and balanced when we tap into our innate desire to create. Don’t feel creative? Think about the last time you made up an excuse, so you didn’t have to do something. Think of the last time you made a sandwich. See you’re creative. If you have a child, boom! You did that!

Close your eyes and silently chant Vam three times to yourself. Did you notice a shift or change in how you felt? Or do you feel the same.

When we create, we are connected. Even when that creation is merely chanting a one syllable word that has been around for a few millennia silently to ourselves. When we are connected, we feel whole. When we feel complete, we are practicing the Niyama of Santosha. Knowing whatever may befall us good, bad or neutral we are enough. We are whole we are complete, we are connected.

Let’s get a little more connected; close your eyes get ready to create sound. Breathe in deeply, and then exhale Vam. Chant Vam three times out loud, allowing your diaphragm to help you bellow out the sound.

If you found it effective, attempt to chant for up to 4 minutes and see how much more whole and connected you feel. Remember that in yoga many things were developed to help us have access to tools that keep us here and now in good health and presence.

Now compare the difference. Which practice felt more connected or whole? It is said that by practicing this mantra you can release blocked energy associated with feelings of insecurity, emotional instability, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, depression, or addictions. Remember these are just tools, and not to be used in lieu of medication. If you wish to stop taking medication or end addiction, check with a licensed healthcare professional before making any drastic changes. If you feel a wee bit insecure or creatively blocked enjoy this mantra and repeat it as necessary.

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