Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga classes are designed based on your needs and areas you wish to work. The focus is to make the practice customized and accessible to you.

Your private session is personalized to address your needs. Here are a few examples of what the focus of your practice may be (but not limited to):

* Relief from stress, tension, and anxiety
* Improve core strength and balance
* Regaining strength, balance, and coordination
* Restoration after injury
* Practice self-love and build confidence
* Learning how to modify poses for your body shape

All private sessions are intended to get you confident in your practice so that you can…

– Feel ease in any Yoga class and know what you need to do
– Have a strong home practice
– Advance your personal practice
– Execute a pose you’ve been dreaming of mastering with skill

1 Session (one-time) = $150
4 sessions = $425 (8 week expiration)
8 sessions = $800 (6 month expiration)
12 sessions = $1200 (1 year expiration)

Location Options:
Fullerton, Echo Park or Online

Sessions in Your Home*

Additional travel fee may apply.

All sessions are 1-hour in length.


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