Satya: A Parable

Satya, the Yama of truthfulness makes me think back to my childhood and my mother saying to us kids “If you tell on yourself, you will be in less trouble.” Though it never seemed as if we were in less trouble for ratting ourselves out, what I did find is…

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Putting Ahimsa (Nonviolence) into Practice


Imagine a roomful of blissed out yogis. To conclude the class I was subbing I made workshop announcements then said: “I am doing a yoga challenge on Instagram starting June 1st #yogafightclub with an awesome Texas Yoga teacher I know Christina Ortega, which is fitting because the upcoming week’s focus…

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Fully Embodied Retreat in March!

Fully Embodied Retreat-2

March 11th – 13th, 2016 Enjoy a weekend of deep relaxation and inner inquiry at a 45-acre eco-retreat center in the beautiful coastal mountains of San Luis Obispo County, at Sagrada Wellness. This weekend was created to induce relaxation, comfort and calm. Explore the senses and journey beyond mindfulness into…

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