Tapas: Who Let the Fire Go Out?

Oh, the Niyama of burning enthusiasm, austerity, and self-discipline how often you are misunderstood by us, well-meaning yogis. When I began to write, this blog so many stories came to mind. The definition of Tapas can seem daunting. Austerity: which can be translated into severity and sternness (makes me think…

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Saucha – Let’s Air the Dirty Laundry

The Niyamas are observances with the intention of creating a liberated state of existence through healthy living and good habits.  Who doesn’t like freedom? I think we all like the idea of being free to do what we please. However, freedom comes at a price, the benefits outweigh the exchange…

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Asteya: Have You Been Stealing?


We know theft is wrong and that it has consequences. The idea of non-stealing as a restraint might seem odd since it is a given. But there are other ways we steal, without even thinking about it. Think of when you have been on the mat, and you see someone…

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