LAM: Grounding through Sound


The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.
Rodney Yee

We’re going to pause; we are going to reflect, and we are going make some noise with the Bija Mantras. I’ve been going in a bit deep lately with the yogic philosophy. I know it is important to share the tradition, I feel over the next seven weeks creating space and balancing through transitions is where my energy needs to be focused on serving you. So we will be exploring the seed or Bija Mantras without going too deep into the Chakras, we’ll save that for post-election times.

Do you feel grounded and secure right now? If so read this blog with curiosity. If not this blog is for you.

I’ve had a lot of conversations with students and hypnotherapy clients, and everyone is stressed. Whether it’s because they have strong political beliefs, feel sensitive to the chaotic energy of the collective unconscious, or empathetic to the suffering of others. People feel ungrounded and out of balance. This is the inspiration for delving into the cleansing mantra for the Root Chakra. If you have taken classes with me you know, my practice is very much spiritual meets science. So we will approach this from the analytical as well as the feel-good side.

The Vagus Nerve, which is the longest of the cranial nerves is the CEO of your parasympathetic nervous system. It travels from your brain stem down to your visceral organs. It communicates nerve impulses to every organ in your body. It’s important and what does it have to do with chanting or being grounded?

Turns out thanks to your Vagus Nerve that through chanting mantra you can increase your heart rate variability (HRV). Which is a good. It can help you maintain a healthy heart, and contribute to reducing the impact of stress. Lessening the impact of fight-flight.

The first of the Bija Mantras is Lam; this is tied to the Root Chakra, which is associated with keeping you grounded and linked to the earth. There is a physical sensation that arises with chanting. When we get into the fight-flight mode, we often get lost in our thoughts, which aren’t unicorns and rainbows but more geared toward how horrible X is going to be if Y happens. We go down a rabbit hole of overthinking and lose our connection with our body. Through making the sound of Lam, and breathing deeply, you can reconnect to your body. By connecting body and mind, you can approach any situation from balance. When you disconnect and disassociate, we make decisions and choices from fear, versus what serves you. By bringing yourself back to the present moment with a conscious action such as chanting, you can disrupt the future/past thought cycle and regain awareness of the moment.

Close your eyes and silently chant Lam three times to yourself. Do you notice a difference? Do you feel more grounded and secure? By tapping into your ability to imagine, you can create the sensation in your body and have the similar effects.

Now close your eyes and chant Lam three times out loud. Make sure to breathe in deeply, then exhale Lam. When chanting using diaphragmatic breathing, this allows the chant to be more visceral and connected, as well as saves your throat from discomfort.

Now compare the difference. Which practice felt more grounding? It’s said that by practicing this mantra you can release blocked energy associated with feelings of insecurity, adrenal fatigue, and other stress-related ailments.

If you found it effective, attempt to chant for up to 4 minutes and see how much more centered and grounded you feel. Remember that the practice of yoga offers you many tools such as breath, action, and movement that keep you here and now in good health and presence.

If stress seems to be too much, if the blockages seem too great. See someone a hypnotherapist, acupuncturist, therapist, pastor, Buddhist master, massage therapist, yoga teacher . If you’d like to work with me I’m available for yoga and hypnotherapy privates both in person and online. Send a message or give me a call to set something up.

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