Jalandhara Bandha: The Holy Grail

Jalandhara Bandha

The Jalandhara Bandha is to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as Uddiyana Bandha is to The Wizard of Oz. A pop culture reference to help you remember. The Jalandhara Bandha translates into the upward pulling net. It’s associated with the Vishuddha Chakra (throat chakra). …who drinks the water I…

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Mula Bandha: Unlocking the Pelvic Floor

Mula Bandha

Ah, the Mula Bandha what is it and where is it? Mula translates into root, and bandha into lock, connection or union. The root is considered to be the pelvic floor anatomically. I think when we are discussing the pelvic floor we should think of the Mula Bandha as a…

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Tapas: Who Let the Fire Go Out?

Oh, the Niyama of burning enthusiasm, austerity, and self-discipline how often you are misunderstood by us, well-meaning yogis. When I began to write, this blog so many stories came to mind. The definition of Tapas can seem daunting. Austerity: which can be translated into severity and sternness (makes me think…

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Fully Embodied Retreat in March!

Fully Embodied Retreat-2

March 11th – 13th, 2016 Enjoy a weekend of deep relaxation and inner inquiry at a 45-acre eco-retreat center in the beautiful coastal mountains of San Luis Obispo County, at Sagrada Wellness. This weekend was created to induce relaxation, comfort and calm. Explore the senses and journey beyond mindfulness into…

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